Opportunity to Audit

PPG 2014H Topics in Public Policy: Leading Change and Getting Things Done

What is this course?

This is an experiential learning course on leading societal and institutional change and getting things done with and through others.
Each student, based on an analysis of his or her values and the policy environment, proposes a specific real-world change that could plausibly be accomplished during the course and, following a diagnosis stage, develops a strategy and tries to make the change happen using the concepts and techniques discussed in the course as well as the resources – including contributions from classmates – that the student develops. This change project can be done individually or in groups.

Concepts used in the course are drawn from recent and classical literature in moral psychology, behavioral economics, group theory, and strategic management. Techniques explored include the use of policy narrative, social media, public communications, blog and op-ed writing, deadline-setting, small and large meetings, town hall sessions and polling.

Contact Ian Clark w/ questions: id.clark@utoronto.ca


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