IPAC 2012 New Professionals Development Workshop – Nov.23rd

Join new professionals and public administrators from all levels of government at IPAC’s one-day professional development workshop, featuring Rotman’s Integrative ThinkingTM Program.

The I-Think workshop will explore how:

· successful leaders tackle complex problems that seem to have no right answer…

· some people come up with more effective and innovative solutions than others…

· to tackle the kinds of problems that seem to change as you attempt to solve them…

· to react when dealing with a colleague whose undertanding of the world appears to be fundamentally at odds with your own…

· to create new opportunities by rethinking and combining apparently divergent elements – without having to make costly trade-offs – to reach a better resolution…

· to access and balance conflicting ideas, business models or strategies that generate new decisions, new models and new ways of doing things.

 What is Integrative Thinking?

Integrative Thinking is the ability to face the tensions of opposing models and, instead of choosing one at the expense of the other, generate a creative resolution: a new model that contains elements of each but is superior to both.

The program is delivered by a team of Integrative Thinking facilitators from the Rotman School of Management. For details, please scroll down.

Program to include:

· New Professionals in your Sector – Rapid Fire views from federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, BPS, non-profit and private sectors

· Keynote – The Future is ….Friendly? This generation, this economic climate, this career

· Luncheon Keynote – A Great New Idea – Social Impact Bonds

· Integrative Thinking: An Introduction

a. Understanding Stance:

What is your stance? Do you really understand what it means? Do others? How is your stance related to the actions needed to solve challenging dynamics, road blocks and find new solutions?

b. Workshop: Tools in Practice:

Trying out the new tools by interacting and working with other delegates to explore Assertive Inquiry and Ladder of Inference

Integrative Thinking – Plenary:

Participants share their experience and ideas on how to use Integrative Thinking in their workplace.

· Armchair Discussion – New Paths for Professionals


Nouman Ashraf (MBA, B.Com, University of Toronto) is Research Fellow at the Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking at the Rotman School of Management within the University of Toronto. He possesses a broad range of professional, academic and research interests, with a specialized focus on enabling Integrative Thinking practice within organization life. For the last decade, he has held progressively senior roles at the University of Toronto. He has taught in the national program on Governance for Not‐for‐Profits across Canada through a partnership between the Rotman School of Management and the Institute for Corporate Directors since its inception.

Nouman has also worked in change management consulting in the private, public and not‐for profit sectors. With a particular interest in understanding organizational behaviour and drivers of systems‐wide cultural change, Nouman has also served as a consultant to important organizations such as the United Way of Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of Toronto, Bayer, Moriyama + Teshima Architects and numerous post‐secondary institutions. He has also won numerous awards for his community engagement initiatives nationally. At lunch time, he can often be found at Massey College, where he is Senior Fellow.

Josie Fung is a Research Associate at the Desautels Centre for Integrative Thinking at the Rotman School of Management, where she brings her experience in design and strategy to the IThink Initiative. In addition to this role, Josie is involved with the Integrative Thinking Practicum in the MBA program at Rotman,and facilitates workshops with DesignWorks.

In her work with the I‐Think Initiative, Josie leads a number of projects with partners including the Toronto District School Board and various independent schools in Toronto and New York. In conjunction with these partners, she leads and develops workshops and curriculum development sessions to bring Integrative Thinking into their classrooms and schools.

Recognizing the dynamic between design thinking and Integrative Thinking, Josie actively uses these tools to create empowering experiences for her clients.

Josie Fung received her MBA from the Rotman School of Management and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science (Political Science and Zoology) from the University of Toronto. Prior to Rotman, Josie was a strategy lead for online and mobile banking at BMO Bank of Montreal and the Director of Operations for a technology start‐up in Toronto. With a range of experiencefrom start‐up to enterprise, Josie brings a balance of strategic insights and operational experience to her work in advising and leading clients to innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Darren Karn is a Research Associate in the Desautel Centre for Integrative Thinking at the Rotman School of Management. He provides teaching, research and program development support for Integrative Thinking programs at the Rotman School at the undergraduate, graduate and executive education levels. Darren also delivers organisational training programs in Integrative Thinking to organisations in the private and public sectors, both in North America and abroad.


Darren received his MBA from the Rotman School of Management in 2010. Prior to joining the Desautels Centre, Darren worked as a consultant in the United States managing environmental liabilities for Fortune 100 companies. In addition to an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, he holds a BA in geology and environmental economics from Colgate University.

IPAC thanks the Ontario Public Service for their support of this workshop.




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