Winter Message

Last week, about 100 MPP graduates and students gathered on a cold winter night to celebrate the end of the academic term and the start of the holiday season at the SPPG Alumni Holiday Mixer. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new people at this event. Judging by the buzz in the room, there was a lot of networking, policy debate and catching up going on!

When we first started the Alumni Network, over 2 years ago, our goal was to create a space where for graduates to foster their connection to the school and the policy community by organizing professional and networking events. In the past years, we have reached that goal and we keep growing in order to meet our mission.

We have a growing group of alumni who come together regularly. Our monthly Alumni Book Club and regular social gatherings are great opportunities for alumni to nurture their relationships while doing something they love: discussing policy, governance and current issues. We have also launched a new mentoring program that leverages the knowledge and experience of alumni to help current students navigate through their choices post-graduation. This compliments the Alumni Library, where students can check-out alumni and build connections that way. Beyond our regular activities, we are always looking for new ways to meet our goal and this year a group of MPP graduates and students started a new radio show on CUIT 89.5FM called “Beyond the Headlines.” Not only did they start it, it has already been recognized as the Top New Radio Show on campus!

We look forward to starting the new year 2013 with more professional and networking events, starting with the Homecoming event on January 29, where a panel of current alumni will share their experiences graduating and transitioning into their jobs with current students. One of our goals for next year is to better integrate graduates who live outside the GTA and Ontario in our activities. For more information on this and other ongoing events, please check our website regularly.





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