Scholars creating ships – scholarships for current MPP candidates

On April 23rd, we made an exciting announcement – we’re creating a scholarship (or two) for an MPP student to study internationally or complete their summer internship overseas. We know that these opportunities are expensive, and want to support current students as they pursue their policy interests to the fullest.
This fundraising builds from the Wine & Cheese that we held last May. Director Mark Stabile has pledged to double anything that we raise, and U of T Advancement will double THAT (through the scholarship). So, $25 becomes $50. Not a bad return on your investment.

In May, we raised just over $700 to build a float and start the scholarship. On April 23rd, we raised an additional  $925 and our goal is to reach $1500, which will become $3000 through the matching. The Alumni Network will work with the School in terms of allocating the funds.

Over the next two months, until June 21st, we will be collecting funds electronically (e-mail money transfers can be sent to or by cheque (made to the SPPG Alumni Network and mailed to the School at: 14 Queens Park Crescent W, Toronto ON, M5S 3K9).

We’ll report back with the results, and let you know what MPP students receive the funds and what they put them towards. We thank you in advance for supporting us as we move Policy Forward.


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