Have your say in the first ever 2013 SPPG Alumni Network Executive Election

Vote by July 5th for our new Executive here 

James Janeiro (2012)

The greatest strength of our SPPG community is its people. Though young, SPPG has produced class after class of accomplished alumni that are today scattered throughout the country, the continent, and the world. The job of alumni groups such as ours is to foster and grow the ties that bind us all together. As Vice-President Connections, I would drive that agenda with the energy and vigour our school deserves. My first priority in this role would be to reach out to our graduates in Ottawa and Alberta to help grow alumni chapters similar to that in Toronto. For our current students, I commit to working with school administrators to give them an opportunity to connect with alumni already in the workforce. These connections and the benefits that come with them are the next step in the development of SPPG. With your help, I will use the role of VP Connections to take our alumni network to the next level.

 Andrew Perez (2012)

There is tremendous potential for this new role: if I’m the successful candidate, I will provide leadership in building a multifaceted alumni network that genuinely engages all alumni, in addition to acting as a resource for current MPP students looking to seek meaningful employment upon graduation.

I believe that I would be well-suited for this role. I maintain strong relationships with SPPG faculty and alumni, and have a genuine desire to see SPPG alumni thrive professionally, and benefit from the Network’s shared resources. I believe the Network has tremendous potential, but that we simply need an individual to champion its cause, and act as an approachable liaison for all members of the SPPG community.


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