Alumni Book Club: Economics for the Rest of Us Edition!

*Welcome to the newest alumni, the MPP Class of 2013!

Next meeting: Wednesday September 25th

The bookEconomics for the Rest of Us: Debunking the Science That Makes Life Dismal by Moshe Adler

Worried about income inequality? Put down Freeland’s Plutocrats or McQuaig’s The Trouble with Billionaires now! ABC is reading Moshe Adler’s highly accessible book that tackles two myths of mainstream economic theory that have long justified the process that creates inequality to begin with. The evening will no doubt maximize our pareto efficiency thanks to our in-house economist adding some enlightening commentary to the discussion.

Location: Mark Stabile’s home (registrants to the Book Club will be emailed his address closer to the date, or you can contact the organizers for the address)

Time: 7pm – 9pm


Please bring a bottle of wine to share or some light snacks!

And if a 200-page book (with pictures… er, charts) is just too much before September 25th, check out a review or interview with Adler instead.


Moshe Pit – Adler’s old blog (what a name!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Jane & Adrienne (MPPs 2010)


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