The Alumni Network is currently working with the School of Public Policy & Governance to re-develop the way our mentorship activities are coordinated.

Tools and Materials for the 2015-16 Connections Mentorship Program Participants:

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Backpack to Briefcase (b2B)

SPPG alumni are frequently invited to b2B events to discuss their U of T education, the value of their degree, and their pursuit of successful careers with current SPPG and other U of T students.

Here is some feedback we have received from students at these events:

“Hearing their experiences coming directly out of a university setting, and knowing that they too, certainly did not have it all planned out  upon convocation is reassuring and inspiring, It’s important to take a step back and realize you have the opportunity to achieve great things no matter the paths you take.”

 “I really liked this program. It gave me an opportunity to confirm my goals and discuss them with someone who has been in my shoes before.”

“I would say that the most helpful part was the emphasis that was placed on internships and volunteering. This is something that I had considered prior to this event, but had not taken very seriously. Hearing the experiences of the alumni and the importance that they placed on internships is something that I will now take into greater consideration.”

The most meaningful part of the discussion was the importance of relationship-building and reaching out. It is through connections and networks that leads to opportunities either as an internship, a job, a career, or a friend. By having a positive attitude, being open-minded, and reaching out, it can open many doors.”

If you are interested in participating in a b2B event as an alumni speaker, please contact or visit b2B’s website.


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